Lead Appointment Process

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Lead Appointment Process by Mind Map: Lead Appointment Process

1. Field Marketing Team

1.1. 1. Paper Lead Sheet Individual Entry 2. Document on Whole Sheet for Appointment Time 3. Add Appointment to Teamup Bubble (Prospect ID - Last Name) (Add Location City) 4. Add to Lead Perfection as a Preset with NO assigned rep

1.1.1. Dan to Use Teamup To Assign Appointments to Lead Perfection Leads - Dan to Issue on Monday for Saturday - Sunday Contact Center to Issue Leads at 6:30pm

2. Contact Center Team

2.1. 1. If new lead: (Use Script) 2. Fill Out Lead Perfection Information on General Tab 3. Add Lead to Prospect 4. Add Appointment to Teamup (Prospect ID & Last Name) (Add Location City)