Sister splashed water on you EWA 1(Mischief at home)

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Sister splashed water on you EWA 1(Mischief at home) by Mind Map: Sister splashed water on you EWA 1(Mischief at home)

1. Why were you sleeping in the afternoon?

1.1. I had just come home from a camp and was very tired.

2. Why did your sister splash water on you?

2.1. She was bored of doing homework all the time so she decided to play a prank on me.

3. Complication/Climax (Most exciting part)

3.1. I threatened to tell my mother that she splashed water onto me but she just continued doing her work. She pretended that it was not her but deep down inside I know that she was scared of being scolded.

4. Resolution

4.1. What happened next? How was the problem solved?

4.1.1. But as my sister looked at me shivering and my teeth chattering, she felt guilty and apologised again, this time not in a sarcastic manner.

4.1.2. I still told our mother about the incident and she got scolded but not so severely because I told our mother that she apologised.

5. Development

5.1. What went through your mind?

5.1.1. Who splashed the water on me? I knew that it was my sister that splashed the water on me because she was the only one else in the house as my parents had gone out for a gathering.

5.1.2. Why did the culprit do that?

5.2. What did you do next?

5.2.1. I got up, shivering as the wind blowed at me.

5.3. What did your sister do next?

5.3.1. She pretended to be doing her work.

6. Conclusion

6.1. How did the characters feel/think at the end of the story?

6.1.1. I was still quite angry with my sister but I have forgiven her.

6.1.2. My sister apologised again one more time and promised never to do that again.