computer skills

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computer skills by Mind Map: computer skills

1. computer system

1.1. what computer ?

1.2. Computer system components

1.3. Classification of computers

2. network and internet

2.1. Networks

2.2. The Internet

2.3. Microsoft OneDrive

2.4. The Clouds

3. windows 10

3.1. About Windows 10

3.2. Working with Files and Folder

3.3. Shutting Down or Logging off a Computer

4. word

4.1. File Tab Text Selection Home Tab

4.2. Insert Tab Page Design Page layout

4.3. Review tools View Tab

5. excel

5.1. File Menu Cells Worksheets

5.2. Modifying Columns, Rows, and Cells Inserting, deleting, moving, and hiding

5.3. Text Formatting Formula Functions Page layout Menu

5.4. Charts Spelling Freeze Panes Security Features

6. access

6.1. Database design Starting Microsoft Access Access Environment Home tab

6.2. Tables and relationships Queries Forms Reports