What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

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What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like? by Mind Map: What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

1. Consider how you approach the content, what topics are important, your relations with students

2. 9 Elements of Inquiry

2.1. authenticity

2.2. academic rigour

2.3. assessment

2.4. life skills

2.5. appropriate use of technology

2.6. active exploration

2.7. connecting with experts

2.8. elaborated communication

2.9. compassion

3. Connect what you love to do to the classroom

4. Academic Rigour: Apprenticeship model of teaching

4.1. Pursue Inquiry

4.1.1. Invite students in

4.2. mirror the disciplines outside of school

5. engage in worth-while and valuable work

6. Thinking, Acting, Behaving like...

7. Authenticity

7.1. Students engaging in the world

8. Current Issues

9. Controversies

10. Balance the 'messiness' with the 'focus' - what drives the inquiry?

11. Activity Based vs Inquiry Based - the driving question

12. Go beyond the classroom - how can what the students learn be shared? how can you give students a voice?

13. Critical Thinking: considers bias, perspectives, makes informed decisions

14. Historical Thinking: build the lesson around the skills, not just the facts, dates, names, etc.

15. Throughline Questioning: Link to self, subject matter, society

16. Dangerous Teaching - consider the unasked questions and give students a voice

17. Provide students a platform to act, to speak

17.1. get them to bring about change