necessary skills for a high school Geography course.

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Skills by Mind Map: Skills

1. Critical Thinking

1.1. Relate to self

1.2. Relate to other texts

1.3. relate to world

2. Inquiry

2.1. Investigate relevant issues

2.2. Who? What? When? Where? Why?

3. Mapping

3.1. deciphering and analyzing regional characterstics

3.2. using mapping tools such legends and scales to present and interperate info

4. Research Skills

4.1. Finding and gathering info

5. Analyzing information

5.1. patterns

5.2. relationships

6. Collaboration

6.1. problem solving

6.2. taking responsibility for your role in the group

7. Communication/ Organization

7.1. examine research findings

7.2. Deciding What is most relevant

7.3. Presenting info in a clear and concise way