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Empowerment Technologies by Mind Map: Empowerment Technologies

1. a website that contains information from different sources and places them on one location in a uniform way

2. a free tool used for online collaboration

3. another free tool that can be used for online collaboration

4. Yammer

5. Trello

6. Web Portal

7. an episodic series of videos streamed online

8. uses multiple media contents like videos, sound, application, etc.

9. online courses that simulate the classroom online

10. an episodic series of audio or text files streamed online

11. to place an object from one site to another

12. Multimedia

13. Embed

14. Vodcast

15. Podcast

16. Courseware

17. a feature that maximizes the search engine optimization feature so visitors can easily locate your website

18. SEO

19. the topmost level of a webiste

20. Heading

21. changes the design template selected

22. Template

23. - Website like Facebook, twitter, messenger, instagram, etc,. aloow to create not only personal accounts but also pages and groups where you can share content.

24. WYSISWYG web hosting service

25. Jimdo

26. What you see is what you get


28. Limited control over the infrastructure

29. More prone to hacking

30. Security ris of doing things over the internet as opposed to your personal computer alone

31. You do not own the software; you are simply renting it

32. May still require compatible software lie a browser

33. Can be hampered down by slow internet speed, no connection, no cloud computing

34. Disadvantages

35. Back up and data recovery are relatively easier than on a physical device

36. Minimum system requirements

37. No need to update because it updates automatically

38. Saves you money from buying software licenses and additional hard disk space

39. Easy access to your software/files can be ran anywhere as long as there is internet connection

40. Saves hard dis spaces

41. No need to install

42. Advantages

43. Cloud Computing

44. codes to design the pages

45. CSS

46. codes to create pages

47. HTML

48. - Websites like WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger focus, etc,. focus on content and design. it typically toos lie a newsletter where you are given option to change the design to your liking.

49. Blogging Platforms

50. Social Media

51. Online Platform for ICT Content Development

52. Basic Web Page Creation

53. Collaborative ICT Development

54. Interactive Multimedia