punctuation marks

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punctuation marks by Mind Map: punctuation marks

1. Point

1.1. The point is probably the simplest of the punctuation marks to use. Use it to "cut" sentences in a paragraph or to mark the end of a sentence. Make sure the ideas are logical and complete before using a period.

1.2. Example:I usually travel more in public transport than other types of transport

2. Comma

2.1. The comma is useful in a sentence when the writer wants to: • pause before proceeding • add a phrase that does not contain any new subject • separate items on a list

2.2. Example:Leidy my friend, arrived in the city yesterday

3. Colon

3.1. It is normally used before a list . Another use of this punctuation mark is after a heading or a descriptive tittle.

3.2. I consider myself a friendly person persistent comprehensive friendly...

4. Coma

4.1. A semicolon is used is to join together two sentences that are related.A semicolon can also join sentences with a transition

4.2. Example I really like coffee; It has an incredible flavor