Lisbon Mind Map

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Lisbon Mind Map by Mind Map: Lisbon Mind Map

1. Why?

2. Who?

3. Where?

4. What?

5. When?

6. How?

7. The video caters to a group of people that are looking for information about Lisbon and wants to travel there, without spending too long looking for the information.

8. By scouting around Lisbon and finding some spots that are worth visiting before starting the filming process.

9. It is created by a team that includes a journalist, a cameraman and a sound engineer, the team can also include a lot of other people during the post production, like a copyright person that makes sure that everything is ok to be used and published, a translator, an editor etc ...

10. It takes place in Lisbon, since the video is based on exploring it and giving away information about the city, more specifically in restaurants, people's homes, big plazas and the streets in general.

11. A collection of multiple places, restaurants, bars and cafés to visit during a trip to Lisbon.

12. It looks like they chose to make the video in the summer, for obvious reasons, high season, sunny and beautiful weather, it provides a better a environment for the crew to film properly without any issues.