Copy of Id, Ego, and Superego (Emma and Capella)

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Copy of Id, Ego, and Superego (Emma and Capella) by Mind Map: Copy of Id, Ego, and Superego (Emma and Capella)

1. Flynn Rider- The hero of Tangled. In the beginning he was a thief and cheater. His Id personality was completely dominant.

2. Heroes

2.1. Sherlock Holmes- Sherlock is an Ego personality. He knows what he needs or wants and gets it one way or another, but he saves his best friend Watson all the time. He has saved quite a few people.

2.2. Harry Potter- Harry is a very brave wizard. He's always saving someone or solving a mystery. In times of danger he only thinks about his friends which is brave, but not always the best choice.

3. Heroines

3.1. Ariel (the little mermaid)- Ariel is such an Id. She saw a human, fell in love instantly, and broke her family's hearts to go and get him.

3.2. Rachel Berry- The singer has her goals set. She does anything to make sure she gets what she wants. But in times of need she is selfless in trying to help others.

3.3. Katniss Everdeen- Katniss volunteers her self to be in the Hunger Games to save her 12 year old sister. She went to get Peeta the medicine he needed for his blood even though she knew it was really dangerous.

4. Careers

4.1. Movie Critics- Critics go to movies and can either give them amazing reviews, or tear them down with a couple words. They have no sympathy for the director of the movie.

4.2. Actor/Actress- Actors make movies for our entertainment, for us to enjoy. They also do it for fame and because they love it.

4.3. Lawyer- Lawyers defend people and work tirelessly to find avidence that is good for their clients. They can have a man's life in their hands so they have to be careful.

5. Personal Experiences

6. New node

7. Superego- Helping your mom make party favors for 24 hours even though your not going

8. Ego- Paying for a family trip to the zoo, they get to go, and so do you.

9. Id- Leaving your chores for a sibling to do.