What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

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What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like? by Mind Map: What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

1. students engaging in the real world and making connctions

2. students are asking important questions

2.1. New node

3. rubric (9 elements)

3.1. academic rigour (working/behaving in ways that mirror the discipline outside of school)

3.2. assessment

3.3. life skills

3.4. appropriate use of technology

3.5. active exploration

3.6. connecting with experts

3.7. elaborated communication

3.8. compassion

3.9. authenticity (real world/relevant)

4. asking important questions

5. rigour: being in company of a passionate adult who is pursuing inquiry, inviting students along, teachers pursuing topic themself

6. students are producing intersting, creative and sophisticated work that has lasting value

7. students are doing research on their own and pursuing areas of their own personal interest

8. students are behaving in ways of subject

9. being globally minded and having multiple perspectives

10. metacognitive thinking

11. finding ways to connect to deeper issues

12. choosing resources that will hook the students

13. do work beyond the student/teacher relationship ex)webpage, forum, being active in the community

14. Critical Thinking

14.1. weigh evidence, identify bias, determine perspective

15. Historical Thinking

15.1. New node

16. New node

17. Throughline Qustioning

17.1. ask provocative and relevant questions