What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

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What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like? by Mind Map: What Does Inquiry in SS Look Like?

1. Academic Rigour

1.1. Behaviours that mirror the disciplines outside of school

2. What would you do with your time?

2.1. Is that what your students are doing?

3. Throughline Questioning

3.1. Provocative and Relevant Questions

4. Authenticity

4.1. Real World/Relevant Question/Meaning

5. Activity Based vs. Inquiry Based

5.1. "Apples"

6. Behaving like, not just studying it

7. "We know you are a good teacher by the sophistication of your students work."

7.1. High Tech High

8. Inquiry Rubric

8.1. 9 Elements/Galileo Inquiry Rubric

9. Redesigning Schools for the 21st Century

10. Critical or Dangerous Teaching

10.1. What and How Questions