What´s wrong with segmentation?


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What´s wrong with segmentation? by Mind Map: What´s wrong with segmentation?

1. Opinions

1.1. It has been raplaced by big data and one to one marketing

1.2. It can be used as a platform for costumer centric growth

1.3. it has evolved from an alternative approach to strategy to the core tool of marketing strategy

2. What is segmentation?

2.1. is the process of diving potential costumers into discretes groups with similar characteristics to guide the development of stretegy

3. Levels

3.1. Philosoplical: understand the lifestyles, values ans jobs of the costumers

3.2. Practical: the influx of real time throught digital data to understand in different ways the costumers

4. world class segmentation

4.1. bridge the consumer and commercial value

4.2. create value for the consumers and the bussines

4.3. connecting the organization

4.4. linking to marketing tools

5. segmentation steps

5.1. 1. Create cross functional aligment by setting the vision of sucess

5.2. 2. Assigning responsabilties to key stakeholders

5.3. 3. support from senior stakeholders

5.4. 4. Designs a socialization program that equips employees at all levels of te organization