The Missouri Compromise


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The Missouri Compromise by Mind Map: The Missouri Compromise

1. Student engagement

1.1. Student desks are arranged in small groups of 4-5

1.2. Students worked individually, but collaborated with partners about discussion questions.

1.3. Raised hands during classroom discussion

2. Materials

2.1. The teacher used a powerpoint to relay the information to the class.

2.2. Students were able to use paper and pencil to take notes during and after lesson. ipads were to be explicitly put away.

3. Content

3.1. An understanding of the Missouri Compromise

3.2. Recalling the 36/60 degree parallels

4. Goals

4.1. Provide students with a better understanding of the Missouri Compromise

4.2. To identify the progression between the Louisiana Purchase and Missouri Compromise

5. Standards

5.1. 8.3.8.A

5.2. 8.3.8.B

5.3. 7.1.8.B