06/20 - Writing a Literature Review

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06/20 - Writing a Literature Review by Mind Map: 06/20 - Writing a Literature Review

1. Find information that is broadly relevant

1.1. Primary Sources

1.1.1. Original research

1.1.2. Articles

1.1.3. Some edited books

1.2. Secondary Sources

1.2.1. Review articles

1.3. Tertiary

1.3.1. Put together from secondary sources

1.3.2. Textbooks

2. Speeches

3. Relevance, authority and currency

4. Literature

4.1. What to look for

4.1.1. Peer reviewed

4.1.2. Edited

4.1.3. Wikipedia NO!

4.1.4. Journal Rankings 13-Education

4.2. Where to look

4.2.1. Google Scholar Can set up for La Trobe Library

4.2.2. Library database

4.2.3. Major conferences

4.2.4. Theoretical as well as empirical research

5. Writing the Review

5.1. Tips

5.1.1. Evaluate, not summarise

5.1.2. Compare and contrast

5.1.3. Connect to your research

5.1.4. Have a clear direction SEE LIT REVIEW OUTLINE IN SLIDES

5.1.5. Use headings to signpost direction

5.1.6. Define key terms

5.1.7. Keep it relevant to your research focus

5.1.8. Don't include everything

5.1.9. A good starting point is an annotated bibliography

5.1.10. Source appropriate articles

5.1.11. Read articles that don't agree with stance Can include a line about opposing views

5.1.12. Do a SWOT analysis on articles

5.2. Don't focus on just 1 article

5.3. The 5 C's of Lit Review

5.3.1. Cite Keep the primary focus on the literature in text citations

5.3.2. Literature Review Describes Compares Contrasts Evaluate

5.3.3. Compare various arguments What do the authors agree on? Who employs similar approaches?

5.3.4. Contrast What are the major areas of controversy

5.3.5. Critique the Literature Which arguments are more persuasive and why? Which approaches seem more reliable?

5.3.6. Connect the literature to your own topic