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Cinqaine: by Mind Map: Cinqaine:

1. Line 1: One word – this is your title (What is your topic?) Line 2 : Two words that describe your title (What does your topic act / feel like?) Line 3: Three actions associated with the title (What can this do?) Line 4: Four-or five-word phrase that relates to the title (How do you feel about it?) Line 5: One word that is a synonym for the title (What has the same meaning?)

2. Linie 2

2.1. virtuelle flexibilität

3. Linie3

3.1. Aktive virtuelle Entwicklung

3.2. meistern von technischen Überraschungen

3.3. effiziente Zusammenarbeit

4. Line 4

4.1. es gibt noch viel zu lernen

4.2. jeder Anfang ist schwer

5. Line 5

5.1. Lernen

5.2. lernen

5.3. Entwicklung

6. Linie1

6.1. Kind

7. Team Mascot: