Waldorf Marketplace

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Waldorf Marketplace by Mind Map: Waldorf Marketplace

1. Customer Creates Login

2. LearnDash

2.1. Videos


2.3. WISDM Instructor Roles

2.3.1. Attractive interface

2.3.2. Deeply locks access

2.3.3. Content Changes Approvals

2.3.4. Direct Email to Customers (from vendor)

2.4. Native login (in v3.0)

2.4.1. Login Shortcode

3. Vendors

3.1. Vendor Application

3.1.1. Approval How to "Course" Marketing Kit FB Group? Onboarding Materials Policies

4. Checkout

4.1. WooCommerce

4.1.1. CartFlows? (free version) Custom Checkout Stripe/PayPal Custom Thank You + Next Steps Future: Sales Bumps etc

4.1.2. Taxes Tax Jar

4.1.3. ConvertKit Tags Potential to Deliver Downloads Directly Welcome Message Re-engagement

4.1.4. Product Vendors App? Allows for physical products or even bookings Commission Reports Vendor Subscription Allows for automated commissions Allows for Bundles of Products

4.1.5. No Payment Plans at This Time

5. Content/Products


5.1.1. Workbooks/PDFs

5.1.2. Book Time

5.1.3. Audio Files

5.2. Course Content

5.3. Future: Physical Products

5.4. Potential: Bookings?

5.5. Video