Empowerment technology

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Empowerment technology by Mind Map: Empowerment technology

1. Basic Web page creation

2. olibe platforms for ICT content development

3. Interactive multimedia

4. Collaborative ICT development

5. Social medie platforms. Websites like facebook allow you to create not only personal accounts but also pages and groups where you can share content.

6. Blogging Platforms. Website like wordPress, Tumblr, and blogger fucos on content and design

7. There are plenty of online collaborative tools that an organization or group can use to communicate

8. Modern websites add multimedia content to their site without sacrificing too much bandwidth.

9. You can insert a youtube video on your blog post by simply copying the code from the Embed tab in the Share menu.

10. Trello introduces boards where any member of the orgabization or group can see the different task for a certain project

11. Jimdo is a WYSIWYG web hosting service offering free and paid services.

12. Jimdo has tools that will allow you to sell your product nline, create your own photo gallery, add videos and many more