Activity in EmTech

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Activity in EmTech by Mind Map: Activity in EmTech

1. Online Platforms for ICT Content Development

1.1. Social Media Platforms

1.2. Blogging Platforms

2. How to insert YouTube videos on your blog post with WordPress

2.1. Search a video on YouTube

2.2. Click on the share button

2.3. Click on the embed button

2.4. Copy the embed code

2.5. Create a new WordPress post then click on the Text tab

2.6. Paste the embed code

2.7. Go back to the Visual tab then add text content on the top or bottom of the video

2.8. Preview & publish the content

3. How to use Trello

3.1. Create a Trello account

3.2. Create a new organization

3.3. Add members to the organization

3.4. Create a new board

3.5. Add a list for tasks

3.6. Create a Trello account

4. Online Collaborative Tools

4.1. Facebook

4.2. Trello

4.3. WordPress

4.4. Google Drive

4.5. Yammer

4.6. MS Office Online

5. How to make a website with Jimdo

5.1. Make a Jimdo account

5.2. Make a Jimdo website

5.3. Choose a template for your site

5.4. Edit your site

6. How to make a website in MS Word

6.1. Open MS Word

6.2. Type anything

6.3. Save the document as an htm file

7. How to create a blog site & make a post with WordPress

7.1. Log in/sign up

7.2. Make a website for your blog

7.3. Customize & edit your blog

7.4. Make a post

7.5. Add a welcome message

7.6. Add a category

7.7. Publish the blog post

8. Cloud Computing (definition with 8 advantages & disadvantages)

8.1. the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.

8.1.1. Cost efficiency

8.1.2. High speed

8.1.3. Excellent accessibility

8.1.4. Manageability

8.1.5. Vulnerable to attacks

8.1.6. Downtime

8.1.7. Network connectivity dependency

9. Ways to Create a Website for Web Page Creation


9.2. MS Word

9.3. Jimdo

10. Multimedia Content

10.1. Videos

10.2. Sound/music/audio

10.3. Online games

10.4. Online tests

10.5. Courseware

10.6. Podcasts

10.7. Vodcasts