Improve writing skills with ITC

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Improve writing skills with ITC by Mind Map: Improve writing skills with ITC

1. There are many games on Facebook, in blogs or on the internet that we can use, or they can be created by ourselves as teachers, with the special specifications for them games

2. games on social networks

2.1. We can create games for children where their learning is developed, for example in learning English, where they develop writing and reading skills.

3. We can teach students grammar categories through questions and exercises in English to evaluate them, we can also create grammar tests with different categories and errors analysis and comparisons for them to analyze and respond

4. Many elements of the web help us improve the work of students when it comes to learning English, developing writing, reading and listening skills. how to use podcats teaching aproach systematic aproach

5. mobile learning

6. digital literary

7. We can include digital literature so that students interact in the network with the amount of readings there are for them, many of them are very well explained with video and images. For us as teachers, Edmodo exits in which we can examine the students' work and thus help them improve the writing

8. digital tools

9. We can use media such as competitors, tablets or cell phones to use web tools classroom microblogs through microblogs we can put students to work on it so that they can develop their creativity and at the same time write it down, as well as encourage teamwork blogs micro blogs websites

10. Technology brings us today new elements and experiences that help us improve learning, through electronic elements that help us make teaching more fun and entertaining