Fontes de Evidencias

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Fontes de Evidencias by Mind Map: Fontes de Evidencias

1. Vídeos

1.1. A caixa misteriosa, TED

1.2. Youtube

1.2.1. Matt Reeves on Cloverfield | Empire Magazine

1.2.2. J.J. Abrams on Cloverfield

1.2.3. The Cloverfield UNIVERSE! (Theory) - Inside A Mind

1.2.4. JJ Abrams Discusses the 'Cloverfield' Franchise [07-15-2017]

2. Notícias

2.1. Rua Cloverfield, 10 (2016), IMDB

2.2. Cloverfield: Monstro (2008), IMDB

2.3. Has 10 Cloverfield Lane broken the movie trailer template?, The Guardian

2.4. 10 Years Later: How Cloverfield Completely Changed The Way Movies Could Be Marketed , Cinema Blend

2.5. Remembering Cloverfield’s bizarre, groundbreaking viral marketing campaign, Little White Lies

2.6. Crítica | The Cloverfield Paradox: o marketing é alma do negócio, Cosmonerd

2.7. Exclusive: J.J. Abrams talks 10 Cloverfield Lane, Empire

2.8. Saw V Telemarketing Campaing Shut Down, blogTO

2.9. Cloverfield - Monstro | Crítica, Omelete

3. Artigos Científicos

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3.3. Saw V, Box Office Mojo

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3.8. Cloverfield, Box Office Mojo

3.9. Quarantine, Box Office Mojo