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DRUGS by Mind Map: DRUGS

1. they are chemical substances of origin natural or synthetic that affected the central nervous system functions

2. they are used for therapeutic and recreative purposed

3. are consumed by people of diverse profiles and distinct ages

4. they usually don't bring anything good

5. Many drugs bring problems of addiction, diseases, instability, depression, anxiety, psychosis, poverty, unhygienic conditions, etc ...

6. there are legal and illegal drugs

6.1. ilegal drugs: They are those whose consumption is not allowed in a country like cocaine or heroin.

6.2. Legal drugs: Are those that are allowed by the law of a country like alcohol or cigarette.

7. reasons why it is consumed

7.1. Sometimes people consume them because they want to escape from their world for a while and relax.

7.2. Also, the beginning of consumption occurs because many young people seek to appear rude or just want acceptance in a specific group.