Future of Nursing Informatics

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Future of Nursing Informatics by Mind Map: Future of Nursing Informatics

1. Build a culture that supports nursing informatics through programs organized around reward and recognition, professional development, mentoring, performance planning and assessment, and career path development.

2. Develop and champion leaders with the ability to develop, deploy, re-engineer and integrate clinical information systems; function as members of strategic management teams; and collaborate on goals and implementation of clinical information systems

3. Develop nurses’ potential to fulfill emerging informatics management roles by focusing on leadership skills such as communications, strategic and systems thinking, clinical, financial and business operations, and technical skills

4. "TIGER"

4.1. TIGER encourages educators to adopt informatics competencies for all levels of nursing education (undergraduate/graduate) and practice (generalist/specialist) and reforming the nursing curriculum “through integration of information technology (IT), information literacy and informatics, and the infusion of technologies for learning.” (Sensmeier, J. 2011).

4.2. Hospital executives are encouraged to ensure all practicing nurses receive informatics education aligned with the three main TIGER informatics competencies: computer basics, information literacy and information management.

4.3. TIGER encourages hospital administrators and executive teams to build and reinforce a vision for nursing that, “enables nurses and interprofessional colleagues to use informatics and emerging technologies to make healthcare safer, more effective, efficient, patient-centered, timely and equitable by interweaving evidence and technology seamlessly into practice, education and research fostering a learning healthcare system.” (Tellez, M. 2012).