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Mind Maps by Mind Map: Mind Maps

1. Bubble Map

1.1. Choose Topic

1.1.1. Branch off with subcategories Branch off with details of subcategories

1.2. Example

1.2.1. Tigers Characteristics Sharp Claws Sharp Teeth Orange with Clack Stripes Feline Food Birds Fish Rabbits Monkey Habitat tropical forests evergreen forests woodlands and mangrove swamps Grassalnds Savannah Rocky Country

2. Flow chart

2.1. Choose Topic

2.1.1. Put events of ______ in the order it happened

2.2. Example:

2.2.1. I was Born I went to kindergarten I went to first grade

3. Circle Chart

3.1. Chose a Topic

3.1.1. Draw a circle around your topic circle Put details on the topic Outside the circle put resourcess

4. Tree Map

4.1. Choose topic

4.1.1. List Parts of the topic Under each part list details

5. Double Bubble

5.1. Pick two things to compare and contrast

5.1.1. Branch off contrasts from both separately Branch of comparisons in the middle and connect to both topics

5.2. Example

6. Multi Flow Chart

6.1. In the middle of a paper put an event

6.1.1. on the left put the causes of the event on the right put the effect of the event