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Samuel Kobomoje by Mind Map: Samuel Kobomoje

1. Logical-theoretical

1.1. Learning the bootstrap framework using the official documentation

1.2. mapping out how to design a responsive layout for a website

2. Social

2.1. Working with a team of software developers

2.2. Asking for their feedback on my performance so far with the team.

3. Visual

3.1. Downloading shareable contents from the web to better understand how the sharing resources works

4. practical

4.1. cloning the official Facebook page and redesigning it.

4.2. redesigning it to a new web portal

5. Auditory

5.1. Learning with video tutorials new artificial intelligence coding

6. Linguistic

6.1. Publishing an article on a blog

6.2. highlighting my strong passion for web development.

7. Reflexive

7.1. building mental and a stable picture of to-do list.