Horizon Report 2012

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Horizon Report 2012 by Mind Map: Horizon Report 2012


1.1. Mobile apps

1.2. Tablet computing


2.1. Game-based learning

2.1.1. specific classes

2.1.2. School of Ed

2.1.3. Mika Laaveque-Manty Sweetland Writing Poli Sci

2.1.4. EECS Soloway?

2.1.5. outside class orientation

2.1.6. Dearborn

2.2. Learning analytics


3.1. Gesture-based computing

3.1.1. NPR: All Things Considered

3.1.2. Wii

3.1.3. Kinect

3.1.4. Touch screen

3.1.5. Gesture passwords

3.1.6. multisurface / multiple surface Table/Wall computer/displays

3.1.7. Examples in popular culture NCIS Los Angeles Iron Man Tenchi Muyo

3.2. Internet of things

3.2.1. What is this? Doug Englebart Mother of All Demos SmartHouse Star Trek "Earl Grey, hot" "computer, dim lights"

3.2.2. Examples Smart appliances Arduino Fashion Lilypad Windowshield GPS trackers Geocaching RFID?

3.2.3. About Video

3.2.4. Educational opportunities Relationship with augmented reality Big data Learning analytics

4. Resources

4.1. NMC Horizon Project Preview 2012: Higher Education

4.2. Submit Projects for the Horizon Report > 2012 Higher Ed Edition

4.3. The NMC Horizon Report: 2012 Higher Education Edition Wiki

4.4. Press Clippings: Published Technologies to Watch Lists

4.4.1. 2012 Predictions

4.4.2. TheNextWeb: 5 Trends

4.4.3. Mashable: 5 web trends & technologies

4.4.4. Gartner: 10 Strategic Technologies

4.4.5. Nucleus Research: Top ten predictions of 2012

4.4.6. TechCrunch: 7 Technologies that will rock 2011

4.5. Our Wishlist

4.5.1. What's happening QR Codes security virus / porn BIG DATA Cyberlearning Summit Cyberinfrastructure Sustainability Initiative Report map

4.5.2. What we want Allow students to query learning analytics? informed decisions learning pathways mobile staff having mobile for work telework Adoption gesture based computing gaming MOOCs

4.5.3. Themes integration of data privacy concerns critical thinking click through licenses