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COMM391 Section 201 Phase 2 by Mind Map: COMM391 Section 201 Phase 2
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COMM391 Section 201 Phase 2

Group 101

Adequate: Marketing and sales as well as service is important in a realty office. However, given the small size of the realty office, it doesn't seem very viable that it can compete solely on marketing and sales. Perhaps it needs to compete on commission price, which can be lowered by a better cost structure (influenced by the company's operations) or more efficient processes (technology and R&D)


MARKETING & SALES: Our value proposition as listed is: "Selling your house with the least hassles" . The first step would be finding the opportunities such as listings to be able to meet customer needs by doing research on our current market that we are either buying from or selling to. This could also be the result of an industry dragging below due to low customer activity in that the entire industry maybe hasn't found the customer's needs. The next step is sales and that would be targeting the right market by marketing ourselves to be more appealing to the buying as well as the selling market. There are a few ways to do this on the right., MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: this would be having marketing and advertising campaigns to be able to advertise our services and sales, CUSTOMER SERVICE: The next was being user-friendly and providing exceptional service to both our buyers and ones we buy from to be able to capture more customers.

Choose the most important activity in the value chain for your business. Explain why.

Group 105

Good-: Yes, procurement is definitely one of the most important! Having good quality products is what makes people come back to an organic grocery store. However, given that many suppliers are often the same, it may be good to consider technology to be a point of differentiation, since having better technology will enable better market analysis and allows you to collect better data (example, Point of Sale Systems)

Good Food Canada

The most important activity is procurement of resources as strong supplier relationships yield strong product which ultimately leads to strong sales., By having a strong relationship with suppliers, it enables us to provide a mutually beneficial relationship between us and our supplier. This also enables us to sell quality products at a competitive price which gives us a competitive advantage., Reduce distribution cost

Procurement of resources is closely related to inbound logistics which is linked with our value proposition.

(Tentative )Value Proposition: Providing fresh sustainable organic foods at a competitive price.

Second most important activity is marketing and sales but procurement of resources will encompass this and solve this problem b/c we are focusing on the quality of our product.

Group 106

Weak+: It's good that you recognized the important of better service, but what about HR management? A medical clinic mainly focuses on its doctors, so a good group of doctors and staff will be the most important. You mentioned them in the resources section, which is good, but it's not very applicable to procurement.


Most important Primary Service Value Chain: Outbound Logistics, Due to nature of our business, competitive advantage depends on providing better service (finished goods) than other private clinics, and even more, public clinics, Common complaint about public health care is long waits and impersonal service, Customers would be willing to pay more for higher quality service, Procurement of resources will produce the ability to provide the extent of service expected by our customers, More resources (eg Medical supplies/medical staff) will allow DataMed to provide more extensive support to customers

Our Value proposition is to ensure patients receive necessary medical aid and support in a timely and professional fashion

Group 107

Adequate: A company such a CityWorkforce depends on a good high quality supply of labour, as well as a high quality supply of companies. Marketing and sales is indeed important because the company's unique structure - the suppliers are also customers. What you could also add is discuss how technology as a supporting activity can be valuable, as well as the operations of the company - pairing the companies with employees requires a good process and that's not something just good service will be able to provide


Customer Service: We believe customer service is the most important to our company. Not only does our company need to satisfy the companies we are suppling employees to but they also need to satisfy the employees themselves. Without both parties satisfied our company would start to fall apart. Customer service also helps collect feedback from businesses and employees which helps create a better company in the future and keeps customers coming back again and again.

Marketing And Sales: We Think marketing and sales work alongside customer service because it helps City WorkForce to acquire more and more companies who are seeking for employees, who provide the supply. WE want to make sure that we identify the company's needs and match them with the best applicants possible. Focusing on marketing allows City Workforce to create a relationship with our companies. By emphasizing this we are able to stand out amongst our competitors and thus bringing in more and more companies and keeping the companies with us.

Group 116 - DataMed

Adequate: I agree that customer service should be number one priority in your company. Of course in order to do this, focuses shoudl also be made in supply (inbound), operations and customer service as well in order for the client to have the best customer service. I'm not too sure that outbound logstics is the right part of the value chain for customer service, but you are on the right track regarding your analysis.

Outbound logistics with emphasis on technological development

Our company values customer services, and in order to deliver the most efficient service possible, we need to do it in a timely manner

tech development is crucial - we should improve our accessibility to test results, customer inquiries, information delivery

fast on delivery - ties into exceptional customer service, which differentiates our service from public health service. This is the key factor that allows to offer a differentiated product making our business a success - without having a unique outbound logistics strategy, we would be too similar to other private or public health care services.

Outbound logistics is the most important because this primary activity of delivering the best customer service is what makes us stand out

value proposition- quick, friendly service while educating customers on health issues

Group 117

Weak: Human resource management means to deal with one organizations own resources. Even if you integrate it into the primary value chain, it shouldn't be the main focus of the company. Your emphasis on human capital is good though as a differentiating factor from other companies. However,, I would focus on the operations as the the most important part because, as you said, they would need to find a method of matching the best individuals to the best job. You should explore the different abilities and potentials that IT can provide in this sense.

City Workforce

Our Value Proposition: “Finding short-term employment for the masses"

As we are a company that provides Canadian businesses with short-term labor, Human resource management would be our most important value chain activity. We have chosen this activity for two reasons:, Note: By HRM, we don't mean the "supporting / secondary" activities as seen in the value chain diagram, but rather HRM integrated into the primary activities of the value chain business model.

1. Human Capital Emphasis: As our product works predominantly with people, solid HR practices would make sure that we profile all applicants that we hire out, gauging their technical abilities, interpersonal skills etc.

2. By providing companies with the most adequate people for the job, we would be able to gain customer satisfaction: a goal that is possible to be achieved with out significant help from sales and customer service.

Group 118

Weak-:  Your understanding of what the company does is off.  MoveIT is a moving company with its own fleet of cars, and finds its own customers, not merely a company that connects clients to other movers.  Thus your analysis of the company is flawed and incomplete.  While operations may still be one of the most important parts of the value chain, your reasoning why is based on the thought that MoveIT is only a connecting company, and not the moving company itself.


Most important activity in the value chain of MoveIT: Operations, They are not actually moving the product, but the middle man who connects customers with movers, meaning that instead of outbound logistics is not as important as operations, MoveIT must efficiently connect their customers to the appropriate moving companies, which means they need a streamlined sheduling system to move products on-time and retain satisfied customers., If operations are efficient, MoveIT will retain long-customers, meaning that moving companies will also gain business, which will give them the incentive to stay with MoveIT

Value Proposition: Provides an easier and more flexible way for customers to move their goods

Group 119

Adequate -:  I agree that with a change in consumer's tastes towards more healthy eating, that marketing efforts would become more important in an effort to gain the new customers.  Other competitors will also try to do similar though, so you still have to find a way to make your company stand out (its too late for first mover advantage).  It also is important to note that Good Foods is still a supermarket, and thus will have to focus on its inbound logistics and operations to ensure that it remains competitive in the industry.  I would try to figure out ways of truly differentiating yourself from supermarkets,, both conventional and  organic. 

Good Foods Canada

Marketing and Sales, Value Proposition: Supply customers with superb education and knowledge into healthy living, Get consumers to leave their current grocery store and switch to our store. We're confident that with promoting local eating and supporting local farmers will give us a community edge over competitors, Providing customers with options for engaging in healthy lifestyle-website with menus and diets, Currently organic and healthy eating has a very small niche, and there are lots of opportunities for us to expand our market segment., Social movement towards healthy living in last few years, helps us tap into new consumers, Allows us to promote our goals of using local farmers and products-support for community

Group 120

Weak: Procurement of resources is a secondary activity on the value chain used to supplement the primary activities. Also, there seems to be a steady supply of workers, so instead of finding and attracting, you may want to focus on sorting and matching them with the right jobs. In this sense, maybe its better to focus on the operations so that they could continue to maintain relationships with the companies that hire.

City Workforce

Value Proposition: To provide companies with quality temporary employees while sustaining the efficiency of their business.

Most Important Value Chain Activity: Procurement of Resources, Since the supply chain is relatively short in our industry, a focus on our resources (human capital) is most important to us. Since we can't "order" quality applicants to be in our database, we need a system of finding and attracting quality people to keep in our database. We also need to establish a good relationship with these applicants since they are 100% of our supply. Also, they (in a way) represent our company when they go to work for their temporary employer.

Group 115 - Vanrealty

Weak+: While I agree that operations is the most important part of the value chain for the company, your reasoning why was weak. Try to go more in depth regarding what how the operations affects the company, and how focusing on it could help solve of the company's problems. It is true that creating a complete marketing campaign would be too expensive, but in the next stages, you would still need to figure out how to increase the listings.

Value proposition: "Selling your house with the LEAST HASSLE" - it's the compnay motto stated in the company discription

most important: Operations, because operations deals with process of selling the houses as smoothly as possible, want our operations to be streamlined, so we can be hassle free, as staten in the company's value proposition, |From the minute the cutomer (product) enters our door it is our job to ensure through optimizing our operations to make the selling process for them as easy as possible, requiring little effort and stress. This is all in an effort to deliver on our value proposition and our long term strategy of minimizing hassle., While marketing and sales may be helpful, we re a SMALL realty office and advertising is expensive and costly, possibly out of our budget., Marketing and Sales is an external solution that will not solve our internal problems. Quick turnover of properties will give our employees time to sell more properties and work on other revenue generating processes.

Group 114-DataMed

Weak: Supply planning, or inbound logistics, is surely an important part in the company. However, even more importantly would be customer servicing. Given that it is a private clinic, and that customers pay a premium for the service, It is probably wise to focus on the customer/'s service( or outbound logistics, depending on how you interpret the value chain). While supply management may facilitate this by ensuring that the right materials are in inventory, in order to get repeat customers, service should be focused upon.

For our company, Data Med Clinic, the most important activity in the value chain for our business is the SUPPLY PLANNING. This is because, at our clinic, doctors are not in charge of giving out physical pills and prescriptions. In reality, the only thing that needs replenishing in our company are medical supplies such as napkins, needles, blood sample tubes, etc. Data Med would only need regular restocking maybe annually or when stock runs out.

Suppliers should be near by geographically so that inventory that is required on an emergency basis would not take a long time to be delivered.

Our value proposition is: Your health is the most valuable asset, so therefore it is important that our company is able to satisfy our customers needs as soon as possible.

Group 113

Adequate-: Given the economic situation given in the description, your arugments were well made. While I agree that an effort needs to be made in regards to marketing strategy, I would be cautious in implemnting such a large marketing campaign. Being a small company, the firm probably doesnt' have enough capital to do a marketing campaign AND implement a new IS. So you really need to look at the cost and benefits of the different alternatives. Given the nature of the industry, and that many people require a personal relationship with their realtor, perhaps its also important to focus on service and operations, which could be facilitated with IT.


The most important activity in the value chain for VanRealty is marketing and sales. VanRealty is experiencing a decline/slow listings and their stated goals are "gain more clients, improve their internal processes, and allow them to offer the highest levels of customer service to their clients." It is clear that they lack IS that attract these customers, or potentially have IS that are not user friendly. Ultimately, they fail to understand their customer needs, which is a kay aspect in the value chain of marketing and sales. Another important aspect of marketing and sales in the value chain is advertising & promotional activities. Having a marketing campaign that examples different expertise they have: property law, sales, zoning, and various markets (residential, commercial, property management). Perhaps VanRealty needs to implement a more thorough marketing campaign such as this? Though VanRealty has stated they are having internal issues, and it is important to implement IS to aid realtors and managers to sort out zoning or customer service issues, it is more important for VanRealty to attract focus on marketing and sales as VanRealty is a commission and customer service and sales will attract customers, improve sales, and enable them to have more money to next, implement IS into the internal issues (firm infrastructure) operations part of the value chain

Group 112

Adequate - :  While i do agree that operations woudl be the most important part of the value chain, I would say that Marketing and Sales, and customer service can not be said to be not very important.  As a start up company in an industry with easy entry, Move IT needs to be able to find the customers.  This can be done easily in two ways, either increase marketing and sales, or rely on word on mouth. Good operations would make the first impressions, but follow up and a focus on customers may be needed to further grow.  The next step to think about in your project would be to think on how the company can use technology to fulfill their business objectives. 


Value Proposition: MoveIT promises its customers on-time delivery and property safety.

New node

The most important activity in the value chain for our business is operations. This is because our company focuses on delivering services. Compared to other value chain activities operations plays a huge role on how we are able to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. By focusing on on time delivery and property safety, we are able to create a long term relationship with customers and maintain good reputation.

In terms of supporting activities, technology development would be the most important one because our company needs to develop a job ordering information system in order to organize our tasks instead of recording it all on paper. This would make all the scheduling more efficient and would also keep us in line with our competitors.

We would not choose output because operations and output would be blended together in the service industry, there is no distinction between the two. Furthermore supply is also not a big factor because we only need to buy a few trucks and equipments to get our service running. Marketing and sales is also not as important because operations determines how well we provide our service, and that reflects how well our sales would be. Customer service is also not as important because there is no actual follow up or after sales that we can do in the moving industry.

Group 111

Weak:  With the economic downturn, there are many people that come to find work with CityWorkforce. Also there seem to be many companies looking for these workers. Instead, you shoudl try to find a way for Cityworkforce to be differentiated from the rest.  Instead of trying to market a standard service, try to find some sort of way in operations to differentiate your services to your clientelle.  Overall, your reasoning on why marketing is the most important actiivity is insufficient of an argument. 

City Workforce

Their most important activity in the value chain is marketing and sales. Although we are a human resources company, our main goal is to increase our profits. In order to do so, we must have a strong understanding of the market so we can continue to provide the right kind of employees to our customers. By doing so, we can ensure that customers will continue to use our services in the future.

Group 108

Adequate-: Marketing and sales may be important, but the procurement of products may be one of the most important, since an organic market will need to have high quality products. I don't see how switching costs can be lowered with marketing and sales, since the cost of *switching* is very low (I just need to go to a different store, presumably located closeby) but I understand that you mean that customers will be more convinced that organic foods are of higher value, hence they will be more willing to increase their costs to switch.

Good Foods Canada

Our value proposition is to provide an excellent eating experience and to educate the consumer about healthy eating, To accommodate this value proposition, we need to focus on differentiating our products and increasing the appeal to consumers., Marketing and Sales is the most important step in the Value Chain Model because, although we stock perishable goods, organic foods have less demand than regular perishable products. Although Inbound/Outbound logistics is of great importance to perishable goods, the point is moot if we are unable to generate the demand to meet our sales quota., As a Supplier, customer service is not an issue we need to worry about., Inbound logistics and Outbound logistics are highly reliant on time; our products are perishable and are more susceptible to travel time lag. However, since we are differentiating our products from the mass-market consumables, Inbound/Outbound logistics is not as big of a focus., We need to lower the switching costs and encourage consumers to spend their "food money" on healthy organic foods over mass-market products; this can only be done through marketing and sales.

Group 109

Adequate: Operations is indeed the most important when your company is so focused on logistics. You could also look into multiple important value chain aspects such as supporting activities (technology to track truck location or to calculate routes) and procurement (of the trucks). I'm glad you noticed the importance of marketing and sales as well.q


The most important activity in the value chain for MoveIT is operations., Being that MoveIT is a moving firm, it is focused around delivering their services to the customer on time. Therefore operations is vital to the company's success in terms of forecasting customers' needs and gaging demand. Operations also encompasses the scheduling of the distribution of the service, and this means making sure the company has the capacity to meet the current demand in terms of number of trucks, drivers, and movers. As well, the company needs to determine scheduling and which periods in the year have higher/lower demand, which also falls under operations., We also believe that customer service and operations go hand in hand for MoveIT. Because MoveIT provides a service, it relies heavily on building customer relationships and providing value and a good experience and personalized service to the customers, whether this means delivering the service on time or ensuring property safety.

Group 110

Adequate: Good, operations is the most important, and I'm glad you emphasized that one area of the value chain will improve other areas. You could also focus on areas such as technology (RFID tracking, calculation of hours etc.) and procurement (of trucks). HR Management is also important because moving companies may face downtime from the workers, and finding a way to reduce that (presumably with technology) may be helpful.


The most important activity in the value chain for MoveIt is operations. Although MoveIt's purpose is to deliver moving services to clients, operations is essential to the success of its value chain. The moving service will not be executed efficiently if the company does not develop a systematic, detailed, scheduling of operations. MoveIT relies on operations to develop a efficient scheduling of resources and customers' moving routes. When the company's services are of high demand, operations is essential to scheduling rapid transitions between client bookings and the resources sufficient for each job. Having a proper operations strategy in place, will lead to the success of other components of the value chain such as outbound logistics and marketing and sales.

Group 104

Adequate: Good, hiring the best analysts is indeed the best way to ensure investment gains. However, in an investment firm, technology is essential in analysis, and is also worth mentioning.


Most important: Human Resource Management and customer service. Vanalysist generate profit through commissions from investment gains. Vanalysist assist customers in making money through providing investment decisions from professional analysis of the market. Therefore, it is crucial to recruit outstanding analyst so that Vanalysist have the power to generate higher turnover for our clients. In addition, customer service is also important because we are a service based company., Less Important: Inbound logistics, Operations and Outbound logistics. Because we are a service-based company, these elements of the value chain model do not apply directly to Vanalysist.

Group 103

Good-: Good, I'm glad you recognize that many different parts of the value chain is important in a company. Other than primary activities however, supporting activites such as procurement (making high quality purchases), and technology and R&D such as POS systems (need to differentiate) are important as well.

Good Foods Canada

Our value proposition: provide their customers with a superb experience and an education into healthy eating. (from company description) - form basis for our analysis

Inbound logistics (most important): Important because - multiple suppliers, have to coordinate to meet demand timeliness because products are perishable good communication with suppliers needed to overcome supply difficulties (Ie. weather causing crop failure etc.) Maintaining strong relationships with organic suppliers is a key to preventing others from entering the organic foods business Another point to consider- Have multiple suppliers, if one supplier can't provide, then there is another to step up (competitive market - many substitutes

Operations: Important because - Warehousing issues since food needs to be put into cool and dry area immediately after shipping - quality control

Outbound logistics: Not as important because - putting products on shelves is pretty simple, easy to find labourers to do the job Important because - Need to make sure product is bought before it goes bad - we don't want more than we can sell (supply and demand)

Marketing and Sales: Important because - Part of value proposition to educate consumers about organic products Need to manage pricing strategy actively as products start to expire Have to demonstrate why you're charging a premium on organic products

Customer Service: Important because - Need to create strong customer loyalty and justify premium charged on food Smaller business susceptible to macro fluctuations, dependent on having educated customer community Always need customer feedback to determine product offerings (many different "shades" of organic, important to figure out what our customers want)

Summary: As a result, inbound logistics is crucial to the fundamental operations of the business - in providing quality foods at the right time when they want it, leading to a superb experience. Customer Service is equally important to determine inbound logistic (purchasing) activities.

Group 102

Adequate-: Good, marketing and sales is essential in a realty office. However, many other activities are necessary, such as operations - you need to provide a good way internally for the company to manage properties, HR (hiring the best salespeople). The reasoning wasn't very clear, since I wasn't sure what you meant by the seller's contract term ending, or what "information" you would need from that.


New node

Our value proposition is to provide prompt and approachable customer service. Specifically, we are focusing on outbound logistics/marketing and sales since our company is service oriented. Due to the fact that many other real estate companies are not differentiated, we want sellers to choose us because of our quality of service. For example, once sellers' contract term ends, it is crucial we have this information because if not, we risk losing potential clients to other companies. At the same time, we can actively approach sellers that have contracts with other real estate companies and still have not had their properties sold, to choose VanRealty instead.

New node

A lot of people don't know about us yet because we are a very small company, so marketing and sales in very important in order to gain customer exposure and expand

New node

New node