Team 9: Musical Identity

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1. On this video we will find a traditional music of the Morvan in France with as instrument an accordion, flute, piccolo, clarinet and a shroud, La vielle The bagpipe The diatonic accordion The violin.

2. Music 'reflects' and 'represents' people in real life. In other words, our lives are connected with music and this is how we represent ourselves to others. For example, greek music gives information not only about our history but also how greek people react in their daily life issues. Evidently, with music people express what they feel and it also shows their personality. Konstantina Konstantinou

3. Helene Fischer Valon

4. Capital Bra Valon

5. Umut Timur - Beyza ve Lucan

6. Ibrahim Tatlises - Beyza ve Lucan

7. Azet Valon

8. 18 Karat Valon

9. Haftbefehl Valon

10. Müslüm Gürses valon

11. Xatar Valon

12. Ferdi Tayfur - Beyza ve Lucan

13. Azer Bülbül - Beyza ve Lucan

14. The most popular type of Music in Poland is disco polo. People on The Polish weddings always play songs like " przez twe oczy zielone " " rudy się żeni" or " miłość w Zakopanem ". Nikoleta

15. In Poland we've got lots of different types of music. For example Zalewski creates rock or Dawid Podsiadło does pop. IN my country you can also meet young people that are perfect musicians but people don't know about them yet. Marysia

16. Violon is a typical instrument in France. Théo Poupeney

17. on is video

18. In this video we have the traditional "Ban Bourguignon" Jade Piolet

19. For every culture in human history, music is indispensable. "Bağlama" is indispensable for old Turkish music. "Bağlama" is a stringed instrumentIf you listen to Turkish music, you will definitely hear it. Murat from Turkey

20. Every society has its own music culture. In the formation of this music culture, the geographical position of the society, the events of the society, uthe culture and traditions of the society are of great importance. Many artists took an important role in the development of Turkish music culture. Some of them are Aşık Veysel, Aşık Mahzuni Şerif and Neşet Ertaş. Furkan Soylu

21. Turkish folk music is very special for us. This type of music reflects the Anatolian people. Many people listen to these songs and feel sad. Representatives of this species are called "Lovers". Aşık Veysel, Aşık Mahzuni, Selda Bağcan etc. Also Neşet Ertaş is my favorite. Mustafa from Turkey..

22. In France, we have famous musicians like Hector Berlioz, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy, Jean-Philippe Rameau. In French musical history, the accordion is a very important instrument. The flute is also a famous instrument. Jade Piolet

23. In France the traditional music change in every region, for exemple there is Breton music, Morvan music. Jade Piolet

24. I think the music is very important for the people. Infact it can relax the people and it can convey the emotions that evryone feels. The italian music has a long tradition infact there have been many italian composers. For example Vivaldi, Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni, Rossini, Paganini and other. In Italy is very important also the popular music, for example the Naple's music. The unification of Italy took place very late and for this reason the music, in the different regionshas evolved according to their dialect and their culture. Lorenzo Polzonetti