Goal number 7: Affordable and clean energy

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Goal number 7: Affordable and clean energy by Mind Map: Goal number 7: Affordable and clean energy

1. Innovate

1.1. Cars:

1.1.1. Cars with biological gas Cars release a lot of CO2, so if we can make them run on clean energy, we would help the environment

1.1.2. More chargers for the battery-driven car If the battery-driven car, is driving on solar cell energy, they are carbon-neutral

1.1.3. Fewer cars in the city Cars release a lot of CO2, so if we can make people take the bus, so there would be fewer cars, we would help the environment Talk to people about let the cars stand, and take the bike and the bus.

1.2. More CO2 neutral energy sources

1.2.1. Windmills Talk to the politician and other people about to get more windmils, solar panels, hydro energy and biomass

1.2.2. Hydro energy

1.2.3. Solar panels

1.2.4. Biomass

1.3. CO2 neutral vehicles

1.3.1. Cars

1.3.2. Construction vehicles

1.3.3. Buses

1.3.4. Trucks

1.3.5. Bycycles

1.4. Bikes:

1.4.1. Vejle need to sponser a bike to the employees, instead of given them cars. Reach out to the city council and pitch them the idea

1.4.2. More safety roads for the bikes More parking area for the bikes We can go to the politicians. Get them to understand the problem. If there are more safe bicycle paths, Vejle becomes a city where more dare to cycle and drop the car

1.5. Make CO2 neutral energy sources available for everyone

1.5.1. Make it cheaper

1.5.2. Promote it in countries, which has a big usage of conventional energy

1.6. What can we do?

1.6.1. Electricity Turn the light of when you not are in the room

1.6.2. Public transport Take the bike or the bus, instead of taking the car

1.6.3. Waste We can recycle and sort. This can be used as biogas in the future. Biogas is CO2 neutral

2. Present/promote

2.1. Advertising

2.1.1. Youtube Make Youtube videos, to make people aware of the problem

2.1.2. Social media Support the people fighting for the problem Use the social media to reach out to people about the problem.

2.1.3. Flyers Make flyers and hand them out

2.1.4. Poster Make posters and place them around the city and the school

2.2. People

2.2.1. Talk to young people and include them We can go out to schools and include them. Show them that they are a bart of this to

2.2.2. Talk to people about the problem Make everybody aware of the problem

2.2.3. Make the elder generation aware of the problem A lot of elder people aren't aware of the problem

2.2.4. Get famous people envolved Reach out to people who is widely known, and try to get them involved

3. Campaign

3.1. Social Media

3.1.1. Interact with the younger generation Connect with younger people Take to difference schools and tell about all the problems and solution

3.1.2. Make videos to show the problem and show how bad it is.

3.2. Demonstration

3.2.1. Demostrat to get more safety roads for bikes

3.3. Advertising

3.3.1. Makes some posters you can hang up on the school, in stores, on the street and buildings