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1. Every culture has its own style of clothing. This type of climate, religion, cultural interaction and so on. May vary depending. -Naime

2. Through fashion and clothing, cultural and social identity take place. Clothing helps to define people culturally. -Nida

3. Every culture has its own clothing. Sometimes it can be branched between cultures.// Rana

4. every cultres clothes are telling a story about this country -Liwia

5. Clothes are more than a piece of fabric.They change our view of the world and the world's view of us. -Aphroditi

6. Fabrics The fabrics that the Greeks used for their clothing were sometimes spun in the home (often into a heavy wool material), or made from linen fabric that was imported. For every member of the family, except for infants who often wore nothing at all, an outfit usually consisted of a square or rectangular piece of fabric, pins for fastening, and sometimes shoes and/or hats. The pieces of fabric were folded around the body, and pinned together at the side seams and shoulders, as well as being belted. Though it might sound as if the Greeks walked around wearing plain potato sacks, their clothing would have been dyed bright colors and would have been decorated with ornate patterns.