Ashley Collinsworth Introduction

MindMap for Ashley Collinsworth

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Ashley Collinsworth Introduction by Mind Map: Ashley Collinsworth Introduction

1. Animal Mom (for now!)

1.1. Riley (3) Golden Retriever

1.2. Lucy (6) Himalayan cat

1.3. Aubrey (2.5) Golden Retriever

2. Military Experience

2.1. 1/2 year in South Carolina/Georgia; 1 year in Arizona; 2 years at. Fort Campbell, KY; 1.5 years in Afghanistan; 2 years in Wiesbaden, Germany

2.2. Military Intelligence Officer (got out as a Captain)

2.3. 7 years of service in the Army

3. Military Wife

3.1. I STILL SERVE (in a different capacity!)

3.2. Married for 1.5 years

3.3. 1 year in Savannah, Georgia; 2 years in Fort Knox, KY; and now living in Monterey, CA

4. MBA Student

4.1. Double Majored in Biology/Pre-Health Sciences & Chemistry at the University of North Dakota

4.2. 2nd Year Student

4.3. Studying Health Care Management

5. World Traveler!

5.1. I love new experiences!

5.2. I don't really have a location I call home - I was destined to be a traveler from the start!

6. Hobbies

6.1. Volleyball (sand or court!)

6.2. Softball since the age of 5

6.3. I enjoy running 1/2 marathons!