Historical Identity

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Historical Identity by Mind Map: Historical Identity

1. Antisemitism. Abishan & Ferhat

2. Germany nationalism and Adolf Hitler. He changed Germany in 1945 and many People died - Agon

3. Second World War: Started in 1939, First attack on Poland. Abishan

4. Irena Sendler saved 2k Jewish children. -Adam

5. the historical identity makes it possible to definie the national identity, thanks to it we have knowledge on the history of our country and this is important -Mandy.A

6. historical identity allows us to keep a record in our memories of what brought us to our current society. -JANA.

7. Historical Identity of a nation is what that nation have done in world history. -Yusuf Kutay

8. For most of human history, literature took the form of unwieldy clay tablets and scrolls. - Annibali Alessio

9. The Romans streamlined the medium by creating the codex, a stack of bound pages that is recognized as the earliest incarnation of the book. - Annibali Alessio

10. The first codices were made of bound wax tablets, but these were later replaced by animal skin parchment that more clearly resembled pages. - Annibali Alessio

11. Historical culture is important for the development of the country and its citizens. It also allows you to differentiate yourself from others. Léonie.B

12. Historical Identity is the biggest factor that makes a person human and determines himself.-Yusuf

13. I think historical identity is consist of lots of things which comes from the past.For example eating habit,dressing habit or daily behaviors etc. So it can give lots of informations about the culture of that country. That's why the historical identity is so important and should be known. Ege Karanfil

14. I think ''Historical Identity'' is one of the crucial values of nations, countries or humanity. -Yusuf Kutay

15. an important civilization in our history is ancient Rome, which has brought many innovations such as roads.- Annibali Alessio

16. Reunion of the Western and Eastern part of Germany. Stefan

17. Major sport events like the World Cup in 2006. Abishan&Ferhat

18. Win of the World Cup in 2014. Abishan & Ferhat

19. War. Every World war had to cooperate with Germany - Agon

20. The thirty years war - agon

21. 50 years anniversary of the Reunion of the western and eastern part of Germany in 2019. Abishan

22. France has participate in world war I and w.w II. France have a very great historical identity even thought that she lost a huge number of people during the two wars , she became an important and known country _yousra

23. Like structures, battles, religions, important events; maybe governments or countries which that nation had found.-Yusuf Kutay

24. If this nation find logical these things that past generation did, they may live like them, of course compatible with the era which they live.- Yusuf Kutay

25. And I think our experience in the past is nothing but history. - Yusuf Kutay