Types of Validity

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Types of Validity by Mind Map: Types of Validity

1. deals with measures that can be administered at the same time as the measure to be validated.

2. Concurrent criterion-related validity evidence

3. Predictive validity evidence

3.1. This refers to how well the test predicts some future behavior of the examinees. This is important for aptitude tests.

4. Criterion-Related Validity Evidence

5. a test has validity evidence if we can demonstrate that it measures what it says it measures.

6. Construct Validity Evidence

6.1. A test has this if its relationship to other information corresponds well with some theory.

7. Content Validity Evidence

7.1. the simplest way of deciding whether a test has sufficient validity evidence.This is established by inspecting test questions to see whether they correspond to what the user decides should be covered the test

8. Methods of Estimating Reliability

8.1. Test -Retest or Stability

8.1.1. a method of estimating reliability

8.2. Alternate Forms or Equivalence

8.2.1. this method is ofter used by test publishers who are creating two forms of their test for other reasons

8.3. Internal Consistency

8.3.1. one approach to determine is split halves

8.3.2. another approach is called odd-even reliability

8.4. Kuder-Richardson Methods

8.4.1. these measure the extent to which items within one form of the test have as much in common with one another as do the items in that one form with corresponding items in an equivalent form