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Online job vs. traditional by Mind Map: Online job vs. traditional

1. Traditional job allows a collaborative work in a company of fellow workers.

1.1. It can be more the disadvantage for the people who doesn't like socializing and feel better working at home.

2. You can visit different workshops, meetings and seminars that the company organises.

2.1. It's not possible if the company you work for is situated somewhere in Sweden or, even better, in China.

3. Working for a company usually means working from 9 to 5.

3.1. Working from home you can have flexible working hours.

4. Working from 9 to 5 you usually don't have a good work-life balance.

4.1. Being your own boss, you can plan your schedule according to your necessities.

5. Being an office worker, you may often be under constant pressure. Moreover, you have to deal with different clients and to meet tight deadlines

5.1. Not necessarily you have to meet new people at home, or provide foolproof solutions for your boss, but still strict deadlines can be a problem for some people.