Integrative Thinking Process

Mind map for Module 1 PT Activity

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Integrative Thinking Process by Mind Map: Integrative Thinking Process

1. Mindset

1.1. Metacognition

1.1.1. The ability to reflect on and understand our own thinking.

1.2. Empathy

1.2.1. The ability to understand and appreciate the views of others.

1.3. Creativity

1.3.1. Generate and prototype many varied idea, in small, repeatable ways.

2. Methodology

2.1. 1. Articulate the models

2.1.1. Understand the problem and opposing models more deeply. Metacognition Empathy

2.2. 2. Examine the models

2.2.1. Define the points of tension, assumptions, and cause-and-effect forces. Metacognition Empathy Creativity

2.3. 3. Exploring the possibilities

2.3.1. Play with the pathways to integration. Creativity

2.4. 4. Assess the prototypes.

2.4.1. Test and refine the possibilities. Creativity