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Mind Map by Mind Map: Mind Map

1. Career Goals

1.1. Short term

1.1.1. Working in a hotel to gain experience in my industry, through jobs and internships.

1.2. Long Term

1.2.1. Within the next three years, I hope to have gained experience within the hotel industry, in different locations in the hotel as in different hotel chains.

2. Core Values

2.1. Dependability

2.1.1. Loyalty Committment Efficiency

2.2. I am not willing to compromise on, people lying, being rude, not taking care of mental health, and not being loyal to those who have been there for you the most.

3. Dream Career

3.1. Empowering others

3.1.1. Learning something new Traveling

3.2. I hope to one day be in the corporate world of the hospitality industry, running an entire hotel chain like the Four Seasons.

4. Top Strengths

4.1. Being able to work under pressure

4.1.1. Written and verbal communication Public speaking Adaptibility

5. Desired Strengths

5.1. Interpersonal skills

5.1.1. Teamwork Professional attitude Creativity

5.2. My gaps in my desired strengths, are not always being able to see both sides of someones argument. I tend to believe that sometimes my way is the only right way and that is not the case. I need to start being more open minded.

6. Role Models

6.1. My dad, Don Egan

6.2. My dad did not finish college, and started working at Sturgeon Electric as an apprentice. He has worked, for this company for almost thirty years.

6.3. Since my dad started as an apprentice, he started by digging the trenches, and now he is over a thousand people, managing as the Vice President.

7. Career Options

7.1. With one of my biggest passions being traveling, I hope to surround my career around that. Working with a hotel that allows to me to not only grow but as well as travel and work in different locations.