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Video Bootcamp by Mind Map: Video Bootcamp

1. Pillar 2


1.1.1. TURN IDEAS INTO SCRIPTS we show you how to turn the ideas into scripts specifically made for the Linkedin newsfeed

1.1.2. DOs and DONTS we have refined the process over time by making lots of videos with lots of feedback to the point where one of Shay's videos gets XXXX views within an hour and now we share our Video Script SOP with you

1.1.3. LI NEWSFEED IS DIFFERENT the way that we consume video on the newsfeed is very different from the way that we watch video in movie theatre, on TV or even on YouTube those videos don't work on Linkedin because they don't stop you from scrolling

1.1.4. THE FIRST THREE SECONDS the first three seconds have to be arresting and engaging, the most interesting part of the video so that people stop scrolling then we have to keep them until the end of the video totally different to traditional story telling where the climax is towards the end

1.1.5. CRAFT YOUR SCRIPT we teach you to craft a script that stands out without being salesy based on the principles behind the videos that we make specifically for the Linkedin Newsfeed Environment

2. Pillar 3



2.1.2. TECHNICAL ELEMENTS make sure you're familiar and comfortable with your recording device in low light conditions a good digital camera will really outperform your phone, but in good lighting conditions the difference is minimal proper lighting, well make sure you know how to use natural light and we'll recommend $150 LED lights you can get on Amazon, instead of spending money on an expensive camera suitable backdrop and environment to make sure that what you're saying aligns with where you are

2.1.3. ON CAMERA COACHING make sure you look feel and sound confident on camera people will judge you on how you come across on camera so we're going to make sure you're the best version of yourself on camera someone might be a fenomenal doctor, lawyer or accountant but if they look nervous on camera noone is going to know that and they're going to judge them negatively

2.1.4. SHOOTING SCHEDULE NUMBER the minimum number of videos per week to optimize for the linkedin algorithm is three videos per week less than that and you will have literally zero impact however, the optimal number of videos is five videos per week and after the exciting honeymoon period that is unsustainable unless you have a very efficient system in place THE SHOOT we have a shooting process that essentially allows Shay to read her scripts into the camera although of course it won't look like she's reading this allows you to produce 5 minutes of content in 45 minutes this ties back into the cut style of video which is what grabs people's attention on the newsfeed. where we remove the pauses that are present in natural speech so you can look at the script and say your line and that bit will be cut out in editing the result is the fast paced, sped up style, where the cuts reset the viewers attention so they stay in the video instead of scrolling down. GENIUS!

3. Pillar 1


3.1.1. FORMULA a formula for generating video ideas that you know are going to resonate with your target market ahead of time .

3.1.2. RESEARCH and ANALYSE go online and research and analyse pre-existing content so that you can determine ahead of time what your target market is engaging with online

3.1.3. PROVEN HIGH PERFORMING CONTENT take that high performing content and talk about that in my own words

3.1.4. NEVER STUCK now you always know ahead of time what your content is going to be and you never have to pull something out of a hat at the last minute and hope for the best

3.1.5. Create content while running a business

3.2. free engagement from shay iNCLUDED

3.3. Shay is going to teach you how to come up with ideas and

4. Pillar 4


4.1.1. editing video is not a good use of your time so we are going to get you an editor

4.1.2. either we'll show you how to get an editor from UPWORK and make sure you know how to train them to use our system. that will cost you $8 to $12/hour - on average 10 bucks per video we can connect you with the editing service that we use

4.1.3. BRANDING the end result is that your videos will have the cut style, the branding up top, just like Shay's videos and the captions so that people can understand even when the sound is off within these principles there is still plenty of room to figure out your personal style and by the end of week 4 we will have figured out the style that works best for you

5. Pillar 5


5.1.1. STOP AT PILLAR FOUR? if you stopped at pillar four and just started posting high quality video you would inevitably get engagement and followers they will be in your target market and you will probably even be getting on the phone with some of them

5.1.2. BE ACTIVE ON THE PLATFORM what most people don't see on LinkedIn is that the people who are generating the most business are really, really active on the platform creating discussion or dialogue in every instance that they can on the messenger commenting on their own posts commenting on other people's posts adding connections they're creating discussion, dialogue and opportunity and they're booking phone calls off the back of those conversations

5.1.3. OVER THE FINISH LINE over time you're going to have people reaching out to you directly, ready to get on a call and ready to work with you that's because of the volume of reach and engagement you'll be getting from the pool of leads from your target market who are engaging with your video but even then, and especially at the beginning, only a small percentage of people are going to do that so, you have to be actively engaging with the platform so that you can get all those people who are now within your sphere of influence, and who see you as a thought leader and expert and ask them the right questions so you can get them over the finish line

6. WEEK 6


6.1.1. now that you have mastered all of the elements of our Linkedin Video Strategy we're going to work with you to create a custom solution

6.1.2. for each individual this is going to be different some people want to do everything some people want to read the script some people already spend hours on Linkedin, others want yo hand off the inbox and the comments to a VA by the time we get to week six we're going to know pretty well what you're going to need and we're going to make sure that the system is up and running so that you have your very own Linkedin Video Department Do you see how How going through that process would would get you to the point where you're creating video content on LinkedIn, generating new leads and getting on the phone with potential investors.