Main Street to Morey Community Networks

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Main Street to Morey Community Networks by Mind Map: Main Street to Morey Community Networks

1. Village businesses

1.1. Food trucks

1.2. Fairlee Diner

1.3. Whippi Dip

1.4. Chapman's

1.5. Barnyard Quilting

1.6. Samurai Soul Food

1.7. The Lunchbox

1.8. Flea market vendors

1.9. Wing's

1.10. DD Feed

1.11. Lakeside

1.12. The Hair Shop

1.13. Fairlee Marine

1.14. REP Fitness

1.15. Gladstone

1.16. REP Fitness

1.17. Sotheby's

1.18. Silver Maple Lodge

1.19. Bank

1.20. Moonlight Auto

1.21. Fogg's

1.22. Monument company - Shane Harris

1.23. 7-11

1.24. Fairlee Fitness

1.25. Gray's electric

1.26. Mark Burmont - Arts & Crafts Shop

2. Partners & Organizations

2.1. Regional Partners • UVTA and Cross-Rivendell participate in trails • Stagecoach could be 1-1 conversation or ask them to join roundtable • Mark Bishop is local Uber/Lyft

2.1.1. Upper Valley Trails Alliance

2.1.2. Cross-Rivendell Trail

2.1.3. Stagecoach

2.1.4. Cohase Chamber of Commerce

2.2. Local Organizations • What can the community do to improve what you do? (Arts, Garden, Library, Historic) • Arts: engage in creative economy conversation

2.2.1. Library

2.2.2. Churches (Episcopal, Congregational)

2.2.3. Fire Dept.

2.2.4. Fairlee Community Arts

2.2.5. Historical Society

2.2.6. Fairlee Gardeners

2.2.7. Lake Morey Commission

2.2.8. Lions Club

2.3. Major Employers

2.3.1. Lake Morey Resort

2.3.2. Aloha Foundation

2.3.3. Wing's

3. Fairlee Village

3.1. Village property owners/landlords (residential and commercial -- North of town, Colby block, near river) • How can the town help you improve your business? • How are you doing -- occupancy rates, turnover, etc. Changes in customer rates over time, whether their tenants represent Fairlee today. • What goals do you have for your property? Are there other ways you'd like to see it used? • What are your challenges maintaining property, keeping vibrant, etc.

3.2. Village residents • Property owners -- are you interested in accessory buildings? (ADUs). What are the benefits or challenges of doing so? •Interest / experience with mixed use/ cottage industries? • Would sidewalks be a benefit or a curse? • What improvements would improve your quality of life here? What would improve marketability of your homes? • They would want to know: this will help them make their house more marketable

3.2.1. Peter Gardner

3.2.2. Mark Burmont

4. Town Residents

4.1. Neighborhoods: • Bald Top -- seeing as an entree to Town Forest, how would rec economy impact them? • How do these groups integrate with the village? How do they see the village? • Why/how do you spend time here, how would you like to? • What would get you more interested in volunteering?

4.1.1. Fairview

4.1.2. Bald Top

4.1.3. Rt 244/Bragg Hill/Hebbard Rd

4.1.4. Terry Hill

4.1.5. Outlying residents

4.2. Seasonal residents: • What brings you into the village? • What are you doing while here? What are you paying for while here? Where else do you go to do that, and what would you like to do here? • What would you like to see, or spend time/money here? • How do you want to be invested here? • How much time and when do you spend time here? How is that changing?

4.2.1. LMPA

5. Youth & Families

5.1. Homeschoolers

5.2. Parents

5.3. Elementary Students

5.3.1. Samuel Morey Elementary

5.4. Young adults

5.4.1. Hulbert Outdoor Center

5.5. Preschoolers

5.6. Teens • what activities, programs, etc. would make your life here better • advantages/disadvantages of town lifestyle • barriers to accessing opportunities, resources • what your kids need • teens/young adults: what would keep them here, bring them back, what's driving them away • what would help them feel more connected to larger town, what leadership roles they'd like to play and how they'd like to engage; how they'd like to fulfill service requirements.

5.6.1. Rivendell Academy Eco Club

6. Underrepresented Voices

6.1. People with mobility challenges: • What rec sites/opportunities do you want to use for accessibility • What can you / do you use right now? • What are the services or places that are really important for you to access? Do you have good access, and where do you need help? • Do you use Stagecoach? What's convenient, what's not?

6.1.1. Meals on Wheels

6.1.2. People without cars

6.2. Those against change

6.3. Seasonal workers

7. Town Government

7.1. Selectboard

7.2. Planning Commission

7.3. Recreation Committee

7.4. Forest Board

7.5. Development Review Board

7.6. Key Administrators

7.6.1. Listers

7.6.2. Clerk

7.6.3. Treasurer

8. Visitors

8.1. Orford - "Sister City" • why you do or don't come here • what would make you come • is there a reason for you to come back • did you know we exist

8.2. Commuters (passing through)

8.2.1. Park N Ride

8.3. Recreation/tourists • when do you come here (other than annual/regular event)? • what else do you do here, other than main activity, etc. • what would you tell your friends about Fairlee? • what would make you spend more time here? what else do you want to see?

8.3.1. Pond Hockey Tournaments

8.3.2. Ice Fishing Derby

8.3.3. Trail users

8.3.4. Resort visitors / Lake users

8.4. Local visitors

8.4.1. Nearby Towns Bradford Vershire

8.4.2. Services Wing's Market Feed & supply Dollar General