Black Women and Police/ Incarceration

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Black Women and Police/ Incarceration by Mind Map: Black Women and Police/ Incarceration

1. sexual assault

1.1. While incarcerated/ or before incarceration

1.2. difference in treatment between different races

2. women of color are convicted many times for fighting back against their abusers

2.1. they are often times convicted for more time than white men who take the lives of black people (Gross, 2015)

3. Racism while incarcerated

3.1. Rehabilitation programs after incarceration (ResearchGate, 2002)

3.2. the different relationships that are built while incarcerated (Hensley, 2002)

4. Families with an incarcerated parent

4.1. often times mothers who are left to take care of families

5. the war on drugs

5.1. the effect on women who are not incarcerated, but may have family who is

5.2. the mass amounts of women of color incarcerated in California following the war on drugs

6. mass incarceration

7. family life after incarceration

7.1. the effects on black children

7.2. living in an urban area post- incarceration

7.3. opportunities available for people in prison following their incarceration