Plan Procurement Management

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Plan Procurement Management by Mind Map: Plan Procurement Management

1. Inputs

1.1. PM Plan

1.1.1. scope, cost and schedule baselines to ID where procurements are needed & understand constraints

1.2. Requirements Docs

1.2.1. scope related req's that will guide end product/service from Seller

1.3. Activity Resource Req's

1.3.1. Provide info on the req'd skills, # and type of resources. Helps ID resources not available w/in org to determine what services need to be procured

1.4. EEFs

1.5. Org Process Assets

1.6. Risk Register

1.7. Stakeholder Register

1.8. Procurements already in place

1.9. Project Schedule

1.10. Initial Cost Estimates for work to be procured

2. Outputs

2.1. Procurement Management Plan

2.2. Procurement Strategy

2.2.1. Delivery Methods

2.2.2. Contract Payment Types

2.2.3. Procurement Phases

2.3. Bid Documents

2.3.1. RFI

2.3.2. RFQ

2.3.3. RFP

2.4. Procurement SOW (or TOR)

2.5. Source Selection Criteria

2.5.1. Capability & Capacity

2.5.2. Product Cost & Lifecycle Cost

2.5.3. Delivery dates

2.5.4. Technical expertise

2.5.5. Specific Relevant experience

2.5.6. Adequacy of the proposed approach & work plan in responding to the SOW

2.5.7. Key staff qualifications, avails, competency

2.5.8. Financial Stability of the firm

2.5.9. Management Experience

2.5.10. Suitability of the Knowledge Transfer program (including training)

2.6. Make or Buy Decisions

2.6.1. Make or Buy Analysis

2.7. Independent Cost Estimates

2.8. Change Requests

2.9. Project Doc updates

2.9.1. Lessons learned register

2.9.2. Milestones list

2.9.3. Requirements Docs Technical req's the seller is req'd to satisfy Req's w/Contractual and Legal implications

2.9.4. Requirements Traceability Matrix

2.9.5. Risk Register Each approved seller comes w/its own unique set of risks.

2.9.6. Stakeholder register Add'l stakholders (regulatory agencies, contracting personelle, legal personell)

2.10. Org Process Updates

3. Definition

3.1. The process of documenting project procurement decisions, specifying the approach and identifying potential sellers

4. Benefit

4.1. Determines whether to acquire goods/services from outside of the project. If so, what, how and when to acquire it

5. Process

5.1. 1. Define Roles / Responsibilities

5.2. 2. Prepare the Procurement SOW or Terms of Reference (TOR)

5.3. 3. Prepare a high-level cost estimate to determine the budget

5.4. 4. Identify a short list of qualified sellers

5.5. 5. Prepare and issue bid docs

5.6. 6. Prepare and submit proposals by seller

5.7. 7. Conduct a Technical Eval of the proposals including quality

5.8. 8. Perform a cost eval of the proposals

5.9. 9. Prepare the final combined quality & cost eval to select winning proposal

5.10. 10. Finalize Negotiations & sign contract