How to say "Thank you!" Gratitude

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How to say "Thank you!" Gratitude by Mind Map: How to say "Thank you!" Gratitude

1. Formal Really special/big help

1.1. Thanks ever so much

1.2. I can't thank you enough

1.3. I appreciate it

1.4. I really appreciate it

1.5. I'm really greatful

1.6. That/This/It means a lot (to me)

1.7. Emails

1.7.1. Many thanks, Yevheniia

1.7.2. Friend I'm so thankful for I'm so grateful for Many thanks for

1.7.3. Whole team/coleagues I truly appreciate Thank you ever so much It was kind of you

1.7.4. Business contact helps you Thank you for going through the trouble of + ing word I know you are busy and I appreciate your time

1.7.5. Increase formality Thank you for your assistance with Thank you for your attention to this matter. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

1.7.6. Formal business writing Your support is greatly appreciated. I would like to express my appreciation for... Thank you a lot for your kind consideration.

2. Informal

2.1. Cheers!

2.2. Thank you/Thanks!

2.3. Thanks a lot

2.3.1. Thanks a bunch

2.4. Very big

2.4.1. Thanks so much!

2.4.2. Alright brilliant, thanks!

2.4.3. You legend, thank you!

3. Present

3.1. Wow, thanks

3.2. You shouldn't have (this might be very expensive)

4. Somebody has done a favor for you

4.1. Good

4.1.1. You are the best I couldn't do it without you

4.1.2. You rock

4.1.3. I owe you one (a favor) Next time I will help you

4.2. Really great

4.2.1. What would I do without you?

4.2.2. I can't thank you enough

4.2.3. Saying thank you isn't enough

5. After really difficult times

5.1. I'm eternally grateful for

5.2. I can't thank you enough

5.3. I want you to know how much I value what you have done