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Evolution by Mind Map: Evolution

1. Gene flow changes allele frequencies by adding or removing alleles

2. Evolution is a change in allele frequency over time

2.1. There are different ways that evolution can happen

2.1.1. Mutations change allele frequencies by creating new alleles

2.1.2. Random chance = Genetic drift

3. Microevolution = changes within populations

3.1. Populations = a group of organisms that interbreed often

3.2. Macroevolution = changes in species (creation, extinction, etc)

3.2.1. Species = a group of individuals that can produce fertile offspring

3.3. 2 separated populations can accumulate small changes that eventually make them different species. Macroevolution is just microevolution over longer time scales

4. genetic flow= movement of individuals into or out of a population

5. Natural selection = a process by which individuals with some inherited characteristic tend to survive and produce more offspring than individuals with the other inherited characteristic. The end result is a population of individuals better adapted to their particular environment

6. 4 mechanisms: Mutation, Genetic drift , Gene flow, Natural selection