Global supply chain of Dell

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Global supply chain of Dell by Mind Map: Global supply chain of Dell

1. Transport

1.1. China Airlines 747

1.1.1. 25.000 notebooks Taiwan Penang Taipei Nashville

2. Type notebook

2.1. Dell Inspiron 600m notebook

2.1.1. ordering process email various SLC's nearby trucks pull up to dell manufacturing unload the parts register barcodes put in bins for assembly

2.1.2. Components Hardware Intel microprocessor Memory Graphics card Cooling fan Motherboard Keyboard LCD display Wireless card Modem Battery Hard disk drive CD/DVD drive Power adapter Power cord Software Microsoft Norton Utilities Other popular software applictations (specific taste) Programming

3. Production system

3.1. Supplier logistics centers (SLC's)

3.1.1. Just-in-time manufacturing

3.1.2. Multiple suppliers

3.2. Dell factories

3.2.1. Limerick, Ireland

3.2.2. Xiamen, China

3.2.3. Eldorado do Sul, Brazil

3.2.4. Nashville, Tennesee

3.2.5. Austin, Texas

3.2.6. Penang, Malaysia

3.3. Packaging

3.3.1. Loaded on a pallet Specified manifest Arrival time Shipping address

3.3.2. Protective foam

3.3.3. Shuttle box Label Order number Tracking code

4. Order management

4.1. Special features

4.2. Personal information

4.2.1. Shipping address

4.2.2. Billing address

4.2.3. Credit card information VISA

4.3. Contact

4.3.1. Website

4.3.2. Telephone

5. Shipping

5.1. UPS

5.1.1. Tracking Number

5.2. Signature