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Macroeconomics by Mind Map: Macroeconomics
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Chapter 1: Macroeconomics

Macroeconomic Objectives

Output gaps

Economic Cycle

Chapter 2: Economic growth

Economic Growth

Distinguishing between totals(/levels) and rates of change

Simple AD/AS analysis and being able

Output Gaps

Index numbers

Chapter 3: Unemployment

Definition of unemployed: is officially classed as unemployed if they are in the population of working age, out of work and actively seeking employment

Causes of Unemployment


Costs of unemployment

Chapter 5: Current Account

Balance of payments

Factors that affect it

exchange rate

Improving current account

Lessons 7

what affects

Aggregate Demand


Chapter 4: Inflation

Definition: Inflation is a general and sustained rise in overall price level over time.

Demand pull


Why it is a problem

Factors that affect the rate of inflation in the real world

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