particle physics and matter composition

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Matter by Mind Map: Matter

1. Leptons

1.1. Are subject of the weak nuclear force

1.2. Fundamental particles

1.3. Particles

1.3.1. electron electron neutrino

1.3.2. muon muon neutrino

1.3.3. tau tau neutrino

2. Hadrons

2.1. Are subject of the strong nuclear force

2.2. Made up of quarks Up (u) Down (d) Strange (s) Charm (c) Top (t) Bottom (b)

2.3. Baryons

2.3.1. three quarks ex. protons (uud) neutrons (udd)

2.4. Mesons

2.4.1. two quarks ex. pion (u-d) kaon (u-s)

3. Exchange particles

3.1. transmit the four forces of matter

3.2. Forces

3.2.1. electromagnetic = photon

3.2.2. strong nuclear = gluon

3.2.3. weak nuclear = W+ W- Z