Putting on a Pair of Pants

Activity Analysis Assignment

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Putting on a Pair of Pants by Mind Map: Putting on a Pair of Pants

1. Motor Skills

1.1. Balance: As you step into the pants one leg at a time it is important to keep balance when one foot is in the air to prevent you from falling over.

2. Sensory Perceptual Skill

2.1. Visual discrimination: It is important to use your sight in order to locate the pair of pants of desire in your dresser drawer.

3. Emotional Regulation Skills

3.1. Recovering from Error: If you accidentally put you foot in the opposite pant leg, you must be able to recognize that and remove it to put it in the proper pant legs.

4. Cognitive Skills

4.1. Choice: This activity requires you to choose the type of pants you want to wear for the occasion/weather/attire.

5. Communication Skills

5.1. This activity requires no communication unless special cases where someone requires another person to put their pants on for them.