Fuel and Energy

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Fuel and Energy by Mind Map: Fuel and Energy

1. Enviroment Issues

1.1. Climate change

1.2. Green house effect

1.3. Cause of environmental issues

1.3.1. Over consumption

1.3.2. Over population

1.3.3. Poor infrastructure

1.3.4. Wastage of energy and fuel

2. What is renewable energy?

2.1. Energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power

2.2. What kinds?

2.2.1. Wind energy

2.2.2. Hydroenergy

2.2.3. Solar energy

2.2.4. Biomass

3. What are the uses and importance of a fuel?

3.1. Electricity produced for home and office puroposw

3.2. Easier transportation

3.3. Company and Industry

4. Types of energy?

4.1. Non-renewable

4.1.1. Fossil fuel

4.1.2. Petroleum

4.1.3. Nuclear fuel

4.2. Renewable

4.2.1. Solar

4.2.2. Wind

4.2.3. Geothermal

4.2.4. Biomass

4.2.5. Hydro electricity power

5. Issues of fuel and energy?

5.1. Overpopulation

5.2. Much money invest on fuels

5.3. Alternative source of energy expensive

5.4. Poverty issue in developing countries

5.5. Don’t own fuel resources needs to lend from other countries

5.6. Why do we not change the energy source?

5.6.1. More than 3 billion people worldwide get their energy from solid fuels

5.6.2. Economic growth developement

5.6.3. Fuels are not in a high cost for investing and affordable

5.6.4. Alternative source: high money of investment

5.6.5. Able to locate them easily

5.6.6. Convenient to set up place for burning fuels