Comparison between Plato and Aristotle

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Comparison between Plato and Aristotle by Mind Map: Comparison between Plato and Aristotle

1. Plato

1.1. Forms/Ideas

1.1.1. Two-level reality Changing Particulars Known by sense Unchanging eternal truths Known by intellect Higher reality of which(Forms)

1.2. His epistemology

1.2.1. Only forms are to be known

1.2.2. We can't know changing things Forms are only ideas that unify things

1.3. Dualistic model of the universe

1.3.1. Psyche(mind) world of forms

1.3.2. Soma(body) sensory of the material world

1.4. Human soul knows everything&is immortal

1.4.1. Philosophy educates soul to recover its knowledge

1.5. Real knowledge is of forms

1.5.1. Philosophers strive for forms They learn forms by reasoning(logo)

2. Aristotle

2.1. Things exist in the material world

2.2. Form/Essence = True nature of a thing

2.2.1. Form is physical Shape the idea we know being by the actuality of matter(pure potentiality)

2.3. Forms without matter don't exist

2.3.1. Know form because matter exist

2.4. Matter joined with form=hylomorphic

2.5. Cannot know unformed matter

2.6. Form and matter do not separate from each other

2.7. Systematic classification