Medical Debating

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Medical Debating by Mind Map: Medical Debating

1. How?

1.1. Making sure you are right

1.2. Talking in facts

1.3. Be simple as long writing makes them frustrated .

1.4. Dont be challenging

1.5. Finally if you are not 100 percent sure about your reply , ask another one as it is a one move only .

2. When?

2.1. VIP

2.2. Totally needed medication,labs or Scans

2.3. Insurane company is WRong

3. When not to ?

3.1. Abuser

3.1.1. medications unrelated

3.2. very rude customer

3.2.1. you just give him the reply of the company as he will never value your debate and you cant lose a point in favour of him .

3.3. when you arent sure about the client telling the truth

3.4. you already made your one move and the insurance company says the same reply.

3.5. when your move is a lose - Lose

3.6. if the client can get the attachements needed even later.

3.7. if you think you are wrong or even doubtful , as it will make them frustrated thinking we debate in every situation even the wrong ones

4. if you couldnt

4.1. Ask a senior

4.2. Ask an account manager if this case should or shouldnt be approved

4.3. Ask for medical consult

4.4. finally if you couldnt at all , just send it as it is to the client following sorrow for not be able to get the approval .