Adventure tourism

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Adventure tourism by Mind Map: Adventure tourism

1. Soft adventure

1.1. Birdwatching

1.1.1. Birdwatching or birding means going outside to enjoy watching birds.

1.2. Backpacking

1.2.1. Backpacking is hiking in the outdoors with a backpack full of all your food, clothing, water, and shelter.

1.3. Canoeing

1.3.1. Canoeing is the activity of travelling in a canoe, which is a small boat.

1.4. Hiking

1.4.1. Hiking is a general word for traveling on foot in wilderness or countryside, which is a kind of physical activity as well as a leisure activity

1.5. Horseback Riding

1.5.1. It's the sport or activity of riding a horse

2. Hard adventure

2.1. Caving

2.1.1. The sport of walking and climbing in caves

2.2. Mountain climbing

2.2.1. It's a hobby where people climb mountains.

2.3. Rock climbing

2.3.1. Rock climbing is a sport where someone uses their hands and feet to climb up a rock or an artificial climbing wall.

2.4. Ice climbing

2.4.1. Ice climbing is a type of mountaineering activity where people climb on ice formations.

2.5. Trekking

2.5.1. Trekking is the activity of walking long distances on foot for pleasure

2.6. Sky Diving

2.6.1. Skydiving includes free falling (usually from an aeroplane) through the air prior to opening a parachute.