Workplace Harassment from Supervisor to New Employee

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Workplace Harassment from Supervisor to New Employee by Mind Map: Workplace Harassment from Supervisor to New Employee

1. Never agreed to clean her house in the first place

1.1. Situation would have been avoided

1.2. Christina may not have hired him

2. Tell Christina's supervisor about her provocative behavior

2.1. Harassment will stop and Serge can find a new job

2.2. Supervisor may not believe him because there is no proof or Christina may hold Serge accountable for telling supervisor

3. Confront Christina about her behavior

3.1. Harassment will stop

3.2. Christina may fire him

4. Another woman cleans the house

4.1. Serge can avoid her home and only see her in workplace

4.2. Serge will still feel uncomfortable around Christina and his mother will lose money

5. Core Values

5.1. Truth

5.2. Prudence

6. Principles

6.1. Nonmaleficence

6.1.1. 2F- keep professional boundaries

6.1.2. 2G- Avoid engaging in sexual activity

6.2. Fidelity

6.2.1. 6F- exploiting resources for self-interest

6.2.2. 6E- sexual harassment

7. Stakeholders:

7.1. Christina- OT supervisor

7.2. Serge- new employee

7.3. Olga- mother of Serge; owner of cleaning business